We develop dark, story-rich games

We are an indie development team who loves well-told, solid stories.
Right now we're cooking our own unique story and we want you to be the main character.
That's why we're putting all of our skills, hard work and passion to make it happen.
We invite you to find out more about our current project below...

The Keys To The White Pillar® series

A story-driven game series featuring an immersive dark atmosphere, an amazing mixing between fantasy and psychological horror, fairy tales and violence, love and desperation.

Beautifully crafted

A 2.5D adventure game with completely hand drawn characters and backgrounds. An amazing story full of suspense, mysteries and plot twists.

Fairy Tale and Horror

From survival horror to fairy tale fantasy, you'll discover amazing and dangerous worlds where you'll encounter all kind of characters. Some will be very familiar to you!

Original music and atmospheres

Music and sound play a lead role in games, and this is no exception. Dark atmospheres and SFX recorded specially for this game equals to absolute immersive gameplay.

The Keys to the White Pillar®
Episode 1: "IAN"

Ian arrives to a subway station just in time for catching up the last train home. Exhausted after a really long day, he falls asleep on his seat instantly.

Many hours later, Ian wakes up in some kind of messed-up nightmare, the train won't stop and scary voices whisper and growl in the darkness.

Soon he will understand he's a mere pawn in the universe's chess game, and that heaven and hell can be very, very real.

Play as Ian and discover infinite new worlds, full of beauty, magic and horror. Beware the choices you make, some may come at a very high cost...

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"My greatest influence for the story is The Sandman, by Neil Gaiman" -Juan Manuel Guerrero (Creator)-

The guys brewing Dreams and Nightmares

  • Team Member

    Juanma Guerrero

    Creator | Storywriter | Developer
    Founder of Red Tear Games, Juanma created the story, characters, game puzzles, etc. He is also the main developer of the game.

    Team Member

    Matías Albertotti

    Script Writer | Data Analyst | Dev
    Matías is the co-founder of Red Tear Games. He writes the scripts and dialogs, analyses all relevant data and helps with game coding.

    Team Member

    Alex Vijande

    Music Composer | Songwriter
    Alex is a great musician whose style suits perfectly with the game's temper. He'll create the scenarios atmospherics, SFX and theme songs for the games.

Sample art courtesy of: https://www.instagram.com/lupe.roggero/
  • So you're an artist? We're looking for you!

    Right now we're in the search for a Concept Artist and Feature Illustrator for our game, to work remotely with the 3D Background Illustrator and Animator.

    You can fit/apply for either one or both roles in our team. We're excited to hear from you, please drop us a few lines at contact@redteargames.com with some links and info about yourself. Let's create something great together :)

Let's talk

Our team is based on Buenos Aires, Argentina, but we remotely work with people from around the globe on a daily basis. So don't be shy and reach for us!


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