We are an indie development team who loves well-told, solid stories.
Right now we're cooking our own story-driven games and we want you to be the main character.
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The Keys To The White Pillar® series

A story-driven game series
featuring an immersive dark atmosphere,
with an amazing mixing between fantasy
and psychological horror, fairy tales
and violence, love and desperation.


Beautifully crafted

A 2D adventure game with completely hand drawn
characters and backgrounds, parallax and
atmospheric FX. A story full of suspense,
mysteries and plot twists.


Fairy Tale and Horror

From survival horror to fairy tale fantasy,
you'll discover amazing and dangerous worlds
where you'll encounter all kinds of characters.
Some will be very familiar to you!


Original music and atmospheres

Music and sound play a lead role in games,
and this is no exception. Dark atmospheres
and SFX recorded specially for this game
equals to absolute immersive gameplay.

Ophelia's Chapter

A sudden call in the middle of the night was all it took to put Ophelia's world upside-down. Her best friend, Meredith, whom she hasn't seen during the last 19 years, went now missing under mysterious circumstances.

Ophelia will have to start a journey to try to save her friend, a journey that will make her rediscover the secrets of her own past and delve into the mysteries of her family, an old order known as "The Whisperers", who guard a secret that could change the universe as we know it.

Play as a powerful Witch with psychic abilities and plunge into a dark, surreal world, where magical and gruesome things are about to happen.

Some interesting features:

  • Perform powerful witch rituals and spells
  • Use a ouija board (we advice against it, though!)
  • Read the Tarot cards
  • Play as a cat for a little while
  • Unravel the secrets of a story of epic proportions, trying to put together a puzzle where pieces don't seem to fit quite right
  • See more on: www.opheliaschapter.com

Game currently under development. Estimated demo release date: early 2022, for PC, Mac and Linux.


Juan Manuel Guerrero

Creator | Storywriter | Dev

Founder of Red Tear Games, Juanma
has been creating the stories for years,
and now the characters, game design and puzzles.
He is also the main developer of the team.

Victoria Azparren

Concept Artist | Illustrator

Viki developed her career on the
gaming industry. She brings characters and backgrounds to life. Her heart lays
between epic fantasy and horror.

Valentina Viola

Music Producer | Composer

Vale loves to write, produce, and
record music. She enjoys turning stories
into melodies and colours into sound.
She creates the score and SFX/Ambiences.

Lucía Paula Casares

C# Developer | Bone Rigging Animator

Luci plays a key role, focusing the effort
on game cutscenes, dialogues, interface
and animating all assets, helping
the team reach its deadlines.


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